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Watch Unni Is Alive (Korea)

Unni Is Alive (Hangul: Sister is Alive | 언니는 살아있다) is a Korea Drama. Starring Jang Seo-Hee|Min Deul-Re,Oh Yoon-Ah|Kim…. You can watch and download full episodes English subtitle online Free Download.s free at DramaBus English Subbed of Unni Is Alive (Korea)

Unni Is Alive,Sister is Alive | 언니는 살아있다,watch Unni Is Alive,download Unni Is Alive,Jang Seo-Hee|Min Deul-Re,Oh Yoon-Ah|Kim Eun-Hyang,Kim Joo-Hyun|Kang Ha-Ri,Dasom|Yang Dal-Hee,Lee Ji-Hoon|Seol Gi-Chan

Kang Ha-Ri Kim Joo-Hyun, with her bright personality, works part-time at a stationary store and a nail shop. Min Deul-Re Jang Seo-Hee was a popular actress, but she isn’t so popular these days. Kim Eun-Hyang Oh Yoon-Ah worked as a secretary prior to the birth of her daughter, but she now focuses on raising her daughter.

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